Filestar CLI

Filestar CLI is currently only available on Windows.


Convert cat.jpg in the current folder to cat.png and store it in the folder c:\workspace:
>filestarcli -i cat.jpg -c "convert to png" -o C:\workspace
Merge page1.pdf and page2.pdf in the current folder:
>filestarcli -i page1.pdf page2.pdf -c "merge"


-i <input>
--input <input>
Specify paths as absolute or relative to current directories. It can contain a combination of valid literal path and wildcard (* and ?) characters, but it doesn't support regular expressions.
-o <output>
--output <output>
-o .
-o foo.gif
-o "c:\foo bar\"
-o c:\foo\bar.<Extension>
Specifies how to handle the output. If omitted each file will be saved in its respective source directory.
Recursively find files in sub-directories in the current directory.
Command, i.e. "convert to jpg"
Skill parameters.
--output-template <output-template>
Specifies how to name the converted files. If omitted, this template is used: <Filename>.<Extension>
Available options:
  • Normal (default)
  • Quiet
  • Verbose
Path to a stored recipe file.
Specify how to handle cloud skills.
Available options:
  • Disallowed (default)
  • Allowed
  • Forced
Strategy to use if there are conflicting filenames when saving files.
Available options:
  • AppendNumber (default)
  • Replace
  • Skip
  • Warn
Show version information
-?, -h, --help
Show help and usage information.


>filestarcli register <Activation Code>
Register Filestar on the current machine with the specified activation code.
>filestarcli update
Update Filestar on the current machine to the latest version.