Privacy and Security

When using Filestar your files are processed directly on your machine.

In some rare cases, we use our own or third-party services (mostly for AI services) to process the file. In these cases, you will see a cloud icon in the user interface and we will explicitly ask permission to send your files to the cloud before starting the job.

The following data is sent from the client to our services when using Filestar:

  • Our search engine is hosted in our cloud, as well as our AI recipe builder and blueprint engine. These together will produce the "blueprint" for your request. The blueprint instructs the client to download plugins that need to be updated or installed. Only metadata such as filetype are sent to these services.

  • We collect some usage data to improve our services and user interface. This data is stored anonymously in Microsoft Azure Application Insights.

  • All errors that occur in the Filestar client are sent to Exceptionless.

  • Our separate license service is used to validate subscriptions and manage user information.

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